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Medicolegal Services

Medico-legal and Court Assessments

Our clinic offers medico-legal assessments and court reports. Our psychologists frequently provide services to Legal Aid Queensland and private solicitors for criminal, family and personal injury proceedings. Our psychologists provide comprehensive reports using informed clinical reasoning and appropriate psychometric testing. Clients are seen at the Mind Wise Clinic or alternatively visits to Queensland Correctional centres can be arranged.  Services offered include:
•Pre-sentence or pre-trial reports
•Fitness for Trial Assessment
•Assessment of a person’s capacity to respond to changes or instruct legal counsel
•Financial Capacity Assessment
•Cognitive assessment as it pertains to other forensic issues
•Personal injury assessments
•Visits to correctional centres
•Expert Witness

Dr. Michele Andrews provides specialist consultation services to Queensland correctional centres, including assessment and treatment for:
•high risk offenders including self-injours or suicidal offenders.
•offenders with suspected or diagnosed intellectual impairment.

Costs and Referral

To make a referral for medico-legal assessment please contact Dr. Michele Andrews. You will be provided a quote that is specific to the assessment or treatment required.

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